Emerging Community Bankers (ECB)

Next ECB Meeting:

July 18-20, 2018 : ECB Summer Conference at Camden on the Lake, Lake Ozark, MO


What is ECB?

The MIBA Emerging Community Banker program is designed for career-aspiring community bankers in Missouri and members should be:

Progressive, energetic bankers who want to better themselves both personally and professionally; bankers who have set their sights on a leadership role in their banks and communities; bankers who are committed to preserving & enhancing community banking & its philosophy; and representatives of associate member firms who want to improve professional skills and network with future bank leaders.


The future of community banking depends upon a new generation of bankers & community bank supporters- progressive, energetic, community-minded and well-informed. The purpose of MIBA’s Emerging Community Bankers program is to keep members on the cutting edge of community banking through:

  • Quality Educational Programs
  • Leadership Training
  • Professional Publications
  • Networking Opportunities

Make an investment in the future of community banking. MIBA’s Emerging Community Bankers program is dedicated to advancing the principles of community banking and making MIBA Missouri’s strongest association.


Any staff member over the age of 21 employed by an MIBA member bank or a representative of a MIBA associate member firm.

Why Join?

The People – Contacts you develop through ECB are an invaluable resource of ideas and information. When facing a challenge on a new bank issue, you have a network of individuals to draw upon for solutions.


ECB Members will receive the monthly MIBA publication, “The Show-Me Banker”, which keeps you up-to-date on political issues, laws, regulations, and MIBA activities, as well as products and services available through the MIBA. ECB will also have an Annual Summer Conference in Lake Ozark.

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