Government Affairs

Since the Association’s formation in 1959, the Association has maintained a high profile in government affairs. The Association’s Executive Director works in Jefferson City during the legislative session to monitor bills affecting Missouri’s independent banks and in promoting the legislative agenda of the Association. The Association’s legislative agenda is determined by the Board of Directors after recommendations are made by a duly appointed Legislative Committee. The MIBA’s membership and staff maintain an active program of legislative information and lobbying to protect the interests of your community bank and its customers.


Legislative bulletins are published by the Association to alert and inform its membership on issues of immediate concern to independent banks pending before both state and national legislative and regulatory bodies. These bulletins may urge membership action in contacting elected or regulatory officials at both the state and national levels.


The legislative directory is prepared in conjunction with the membership directory. The MIBA feels one goes hand-in-hand with the other. The MIBA encourages its membership to participate in the legislative process through contacting their appointed and elected officials. The MIBA membership directories are also circulated to each state legislator to facilitate contact with the Association’s membership and make readily available to him/her the Association membership in their district.


The Association’s Political Action Committee makes contributions to candidates for state office who have demonstrated their dedication to the passage of banking legislation which will continue to provide an environment beneficial to the continued growth and prosperity of independent banking. CONTRIBUTIONS AND GIFTS TO THE MIBA PAC ARE NOT DEDUCTIBLE AS CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS FOR FEDERAL TAX PURPOSES.

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