Overview & History


The Missouri Independent Bankers Association is an organization of small and medium-sized banks, locally owned, operated and dedicated to meeting the financial needs of their communities. The MIBA is dedicated to the belief that these independent community banks are better able to fully serve their communities than any other financial institution. It is the purpose of the Missouri Independent Bankers Association to protect Missouri’s banking system from trends toward concentration of economic and financial power into fewer hands, such trends being contrary to ideal government by the people and the system of checks and balances designed to prevent centralization of political power. The MIBA is dedicated to the preservation of banking law and structure which will assure the continued survival and prosperity of Missouri’s independent banks.


The MIBA was organized in 1959 after the 1958 statewide referendum on branch banking. Independent banking prevailed in the referendum battle, and branch banking was defeated by a 2 1/2 to 1 margin. Since that time, the MIBA has represented the interests of its membership in Jefferson City on issues of vital importance in both the Legislative and regulatory arenas. The MIBA was the first statewide independent bankers association to be formed and is the oldest state independent bankers association in the United States.


The Association is governed by a president, secretary/treasurer and a Board of 60+ Directors. The president, president-elect, vice president and secretary/treasurer are elected by the Board of Directors at the election held at the Annual Convention. The Board of Directors is elected from the nominees solicited from the Association’s membership by a duly appointed nominating committee and voted on by the delegates to the general Convention. Additional Board members may be elected by the existing Board of Directors and vacancies filled in the same way.


Matthew Ruge – Executive Director

Michelle Lawson – Director of Operations

Sarah Luetkemeyer – Marketing and Events Coordinator

Hannah Ruge – Executive Assistant



The Missouri Independent Bankers Association provides its membership with information of legislative and regulatory interest as well as other pertinent Association news from both the state and national levels.


The Association publishes a monthly magazine with articles of interest to the membership. Subject matter pertains to state and national legislative and regulatory issues, as well as other information on a timely nature, pertinent to the Association membership are included. The magazine highlights Association meetings and convention events as well as services and educational programs available to member banks. The MIBA magazine is your link to information vital to independent banking in Missouri.


The Association publishes a complete list of all member banks on an annual basis. The directory lists the name of the community, the name of the bank, address, county, telephone number, and executive officer of the bank. The directory is published each year after the Association’s annual dues collection is completed and is accompanied by a complete legislative directory for the use by its membership after legislative leadership has been finalized. These directories are mailed to all state legislators as well as the membership of the Missouri Independent Bankers Association.

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